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We at Aristotle Associates have long recognized that many students need concentrated guidance to improve their writing, independent of the pressure of specific school assignments.  For this reason, we have developed a workshop to address this need: Simply Writing Better. In this workshop, limited in size to 6-10 students, students are guided step by step through the process of crafting well-constructed, clearly-argued essays. Drawing upon years of experience, Aristotle Associates founder David Bossart worked with a team of experienced writing tutors to put together a curriculum that will help your child formulate a clear thesis, construct an effective outline, choose appropriate supporting evidence, analyze quotes capably, and iron out his or her specific stylistic weak spots.  Particular emphasis will be placed on critical thinking, a slippery skill that is difficult for teachers to address in large classroom situations, but one that students must master to write persuasive essays. 

Given the time demands placed on today’s students, it’s no wonder they often churn out essays the day before they are due.  To motivate themselves to start early and ultimately create a stronger essay, students need to understand the whole essay-writing process. While one-to-one tutoring is well-suited to helping a student under time constraints shape a specific assignment, it is simply not the most efficient way to create the foundational knowledge that will allow students to make every writing assignment a success.  Our workshop encourages students to learn from each other’s progress, and keeping the class size small ensures that every student gets vital individualized attention. 

We schedule these workshops periodically throughout the year, particularly during the summer.  Please contact us at learn@aristotleassociates.com to find out when Simply Writing Better will next be offered.


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