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To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Sabrina Imbler, and I’m a rising senior at Aragon High School. Near the end of my sophomore year, many of my classmates had begun preparing for the SAT, while I had yet to see even a practice question. I had always seen myself as a language arts oriented person, and thus the math section of the SAT was an incredibly difficult undertaking for me. I purchased a couple of SAT prep books to clarify the obscure world of SAT math, but none truly addressed the fundamental issues I had with math.

Luckily for me, my mother discovered Aristotle Associates. I worked with an Aristotle tutor, Carl, at first, working through the official SAT study guide with special emphasis on the math section. Carl taught me the fundamentals of SAT math, giving me a wonderful foundation for all the different types of questions tested by CollegeBoard. Another strength of Aristotle emerged in my sessions: teaching me the complex questions the SAT often employs to trick students not entirely familiar with the essential concepts of SAT math.

Due to my house’s somewhat distant location, I had to switch tutors. David facilitated this transfer so smoothly that my studying didn’t feel interrupted. During the brief period between tutors, David personally taught me and provided me with invaluable insight into the SAT. My new tutor, Eliot, also catered to my individual needs skillfully and efficiently, helping boost my math score while soothing my nerves. I ended up taking the SAT twice: once in January 2011, and once in June 2011. By that time, Aristotle had ingrained in me an SAT confidence I could never have replicated with any other company. My score improved by 110 points from January to June, as I scored a 2380 on my June SAT.

I can never thank David and his associates enough for their friendly professionalism and their rare gift of truly connecting with a student to attend to his or her unique needs. I highly recommend Aristotle Associates to any student who wants to perform his or her absolute best in standardized testing or beyond. I would be more than happy to answer any questions about my experiences with Aristotle; you may reach me at sabrinattack@gmail.com

Sabrina Imbler


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