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Our Philosophy of Learning can be reduced to these tenets:
• Students are naturally curious and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with understanding.
• If a student is not learning the material being taught, it is because of a breakdown in one or more of the three stages of learning.
Self-confidence is a necessary component of academic success, and without it students often defeat themselves before engaging the work in front of them.

Why and How We Learn
No one likes to feel incapable, whether in academic, personal, or professional settings. Perhaps we don’t know how to update the driver for our printer, or maybe it’s changing the oil in our car that eludes us. It could be a particular math problem or an essay question on a history test. Whatever the case may be, coming face-to-face with our present limitations is a frustrating experience. To overcome this vexation, we are constantly expanding our knowledge and skill sets, often with a sense of urgency.  There are too many particulars in life to do otherwise.
Ironically, our compulsion to understand often obstructs our path to learning. Impatience too frequently renders us incapable of reasoning, and without an established methodology to lean on, we rely on Google searches, Wikipedia, and other quick-fix solutions which tend to let us down. There is a better way, though.

At Aristotle Associates we have broken learning down into its essential phases and then developed tutoring techniques and resources for students who struggle at any of these stages of learning. With proper guidance, students will be able to direct their efforts effectively and achieve the results they desire.


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