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David Bossart   

Aristotle Associates

P.O. Box 590187

San Francisco, CA 94159

November 2, 2009                                   

Dear Dave:

This is a long overdue thank you for the years of wonderful and extremely helpful tutoring and college entrance exam prep for both our daughter and son.

It seems hard to believe, but our son and daughter have been working with you for three summers now during their vacations from school.  I say that because it has been a very enjoyable experience for us all and the kids really look forward to their meetings with you.  As a parent, you don't really expect to hear laughter during SAT preparation sessions, but that is exactly what happens.  You make it fun for them, but at the same time you gently hold them to a higher standard and commitment, explaining techniques and concepts (sometimes repeatedly).  Your patience and good nature have never ceased to amaze us.

Our daughter took the PSAT last week and commented that she was so grateful to you for your helping her over the summer.  In fact, she said with certain of the problems she could almost hear you explaining the most efficient way to solve them.  And, that is what has been the most helpful.  Both kids have commented that you explain the concepts and strategies better than any instructor they have ever had and you do so in a manner that stays with them. 

As you know, our son just started his first year at Cornell and, as parents, we feel that a good part of his successful performance on the standardized tests that contributed to his being admitted to a number of excellent universities is due directly to you and Aristotle Associates.  Not only did you help him to prepare for both the SAT and the ACT and to perform very well on them, but your writing skills sessions were enormously helpful as well. The students write their own essays--you most definitely don't do it for them--but you share ideas and concepts to help them crystallize their thoughts and let their personalities shine through. Thank you so very much, Dave. As a family, we are all grateful to you.

We all look forward to seeing you this summer as you work with our daughter to prepare for the SAT and ACT.  See you in June!
Warmest regards,

Kathleen Smythe


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