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I founded Aristotle Associates to fulfill my passion for helping students achieve their highest potential. I empathize with the struggles and expectations that students face, whether related to their schoolwork or standardized tests, and I am grateful for the opportunity to provide them with the help they need to reach their goals.

Since 2005 I have established a reputation for quality instruction and reliability. By recruiting and training the finest young professionals to work for Aristotle Associates, I have continued to provide outstanding tutoring to more families than I ever could have on my own.


To demonstrate to any student, no matter what the current situation may be, that he or she is capable of developing the skills necessary to succeed in school and beyond.

Aristotle Associates means much more to me than a mere business venture. As my tutors and I lead students past their particular obstacles to academic success, we try to help them discover the power of their will – how they changed their habits or behaviors to accomplish their goal. The process of self-examination and adaptation is necessary to be successful in any aspect of life. Students can learn to not only work harder, but to work smarter, accomplishing more in less time. And through it all, students learn to believe in themselves.

What we offer students is not a quick fix, nor a way to simply beat the logic behind the SAT, but the knowledge that consistent hard work and accountability will enable them to become the people they imagine themselves to be. This is my dream job, and I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for learning and life with all of my tutors, my students, and their families.


I grew up in San Francisco and graduated from UC Berkeley with majors in Physical Science and History. I have worked as a tutor since 1999 and founded Aristotle Associates in 2005. By working with countless students of all backgrounds and abilities, I have come to understand the breadth of challenges today’s students face—and how to chart a path to success.

Teaching has always come naturally to me. Even in middle school, I enjoyed explaining schoolwork to fellow students who had fallen a little behind. That continued through high school – particularly in chemistry and math. Clearing things up for people was like a puzzle: we generally had the same cultural and educational points of reference; they just needed to be arranged in a way that would elucidate a given concept. I enjoyed the process and seemed to be good at it. In college, though, I was the one who needed a little extra help with electrodynamics. My tutor was a Physics professor at Stanford, and my experience with him showed me two important things: that an excellent tutor could actually change the way a student learns and that I could turn my passion for helping people learn into a job, and perhaps even a career.

I soon began tutoring while pursuing my double major. My heavy course load instilled in me important study skills, from prioritizing and multitasking to problem solving and paper writing, which I passed on to my students. By remaining objective and carefully observing the results I had with each of my students, I learned a great deal about helping people overcome their difficulties. The experience I gained allowed me to develop the skills I needed to be a successful tutor. My students were making progress as I gained confidence, and I loved every minute of it.

After graduating in 2000, I broadened my educational experience by working as an Instructional Assistant in a school for developmentally, behaviorally, and physically challenged people. My students there taught me that if people are committed to making progress in their lives, then no personal difficulties can stop them. The honesty and humility of my students opened my eyes to the tremendous potential of every person. I developed patience and a depth of understanding that have proven invaluable as a tutor. After seven years of tutoring professionally, I found my schedule so full that I couldn’t possibly fit in another student. Instead of simply turning people away, I felt inspired to form a team of tutors that would provide the best possible instruction. I have hired caring individuals who are passionate about teaching, and I have passed on to them all that my experience has taught me. Through my frequent communication with the families Aristotle Associates assists, I can clearly see that this company reflects my unwavering devotion to helping students of all abilities and backgrounds achieve their academic goals through hard work, organization, and self-confidence.
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