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Our writing tutors help students get better grades on their essays by providing detailed analyses of their works. In-depth written feedback on an essay can be provided in tandem with one-on-one tutoring (which is recommended), or simply via email.  Tutors never rewrite anything; students must rework the papers themselves, thereby learning how to improve their writing. 

The analysis that Aristotle Associates provides considers the most important aspects of a student’s writing: 

  • Grammar: From the basics of avoiding run-ons and sentence fragments to the proper use of the subjunctive case, our tutors provide clear advice to improve students’ grammar.  Because most schools have pared back their teaching of grammar, students are often at a loss as to why they lose points on essays.  We can help!
  • Style: Without proper guidance, students easily slip into habitual writing patterns that bore the reader with their monotony.  Working with our tutors, students discover interesting ways to vary their sentence structure and use vivid language.  Soon their writing will be jumping off the page.
  • Logic and argumentation:  We help students to identify the most effective evidence in support of their arguments, to present the evidence smoothly in their writing, and to analyze it with depth.  Through this process, students learn how to make logical connections and explain them clearly and compellingly.  These skills are among the most difficult to teach, but our tutors have a proven record of success.

Working over email, students and tutors can work through several drafts, if needed, resulting in a final paper that is polished, tight, and convincing. Students find this an incredibly valuable service—one that you won’t find anywhere else.


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