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Business Number: (415) 422-0222

Fax Number: (415) 520-5148

Email Address: learn@aristotleassociates.com

To sign up for tutoring, we require you to complete the following forms:

1. Contractual Agreement: this states the terms of our agreement, as it relates to the fees, the cancellation policy, credit cards, etc.

Click here to download the Contractual Agreement.

2. Credit Card Authorization Form:
provides the necessary information and authorizes us to charge your credit card on or before the fifth day of each month.

Click here to download the Credit Card Authorization Form.

3. Tutoring Request Form: specifies the contact information and scheduling specifics that we will need to arrange your tutoring. You can request a particular tutor on the form, and we will do our best to accommodate that request. Determining the schedule is a big challenge for tutors, and having these forms will help them to come up with a plan that everyone can stick to.

Click here to download the Tutoring Request Form in .PDF
Click here to download the Tutoring Request Form in .DOC

Refer to Step 14 of the Contractual Agreement for the details of how you should submit this information, and if you should have questions about any part of this process, please contact David Bossart directly, at learn@aristotleassociates.com .
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