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March 10, 2006
To Whom it May Concern:
We have known David Bossart since August of 2004. He started tutoring and preparing our son, Peter as he was entering High School. Peter is now fifteen and half years old and is a sophomore at Stuart Hall High School in San Francisco. We hired David because our son has a learning difference and needed extra help and guidance in school.

David has continued tutoring Peter three hours a week. He has especially helped our son by teaching him organization, building his self-confidence, and has unraveled the mystery of math problems for him. My husband and I were very impressed and thankful that David offered to come to our son’s parent- teacher conferences in order to meet with his teachers, get to know them, and offer suggestions and advice to help Peter excel in school. He encouraged everyone to work together in a “team” effort. David has also corresponded with Peter’s teachers through e-mail, and is aware of when his upcoming tests are. When I asked our son what impressed hum the most about David he responded, “He always makes sure I completely understand the work, before going on to the next subject.” David has been very honest, hard-working, caring, and available to us. He takes his work seriously and is very committed. He sincerely cares about his students and takes the extra mile, when he doesn’t have to. More than once, David has offered and picked up our son from school to bring him home for a tutoring session, when I wasn’t able to. He has also gone out of his way to pick up books for our son at the public library to make sure that he had it in his hands before the next lesson.

He is always well groomed and his appearance, very professional. David has shown us to be an excellent teacher, very intelligent, responsible, and always punctual and professional. He has built a strong working relationship with our son by earning his trust and respect.

We hope David will be able to continue tutoring our son through his next two of high school. We have gone through many tutors before David, and realize that it is a comfort to be able to continue with the same tutor. Only when tutors before David, and realize that it is a comfort to be able to continue with the same tutor. Only when someone really gets to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses can they help them excel where they really need it the most. We have confidence that our son Peter will be well prepared for college, thanks to David and his excellent tutoring skills. We strongly recommend David Bossart’s tutoring services, and we are positive that he would be an asset to anyone who needs extra help.


J Haigh


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