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For students planning to apply to American universities from high schools overseas, access to the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and effective instruction for preparing to take the SAT can be severely limited. Aristotle Associates' SAT workshops give these students the training and experience they need to compete—without leaving their home cities! 

To date, we have successfully led classes in Japan, Singapore, and Brazil. Our experience with international students in different countries has sensitized us to the particular challenges that these students face, which may arise because English is their second language, they have a different cultural context within which to interpret the essay, or they simply haven’t grown up in a system that requires students to take standardized tests regularly.

We have cherished the opportunity to work with international students, who tend to be ambitious, hard-working, and very interesting individuals. Growing up in a multinational, multilingual environment, these students have seen and understood more of the world than a typical person twice their age. While it was difficult to establish Aristotle Associates in the international

Proven Results

We teach the best strategies and impart vital information, so students can approach the test with confidence and get the best results they can. Our tutors certainly make the process fun and engaging, but the best reason to hire us is that we get results. Here is a summary of our most recent results, by city:

Average Increases:

Tokyo: Math: 42 points  Critical Reading: 49 points  Writing: 129 points 
Total: 220 points

Singapore: Math: 32 points  Critical Reading: 32 points  Writing: 111 points 
Total: 175 points

Note: One student had a particularly off day, and if those results are thrown out, the average increases would have been as follows:

Math: 35 points Critical Reading: 38 points Writing: 134 points  
Total: 207 points

Porto Alegre: Math: 30 points  Critical Reading: 28 points  Writing: 162 points  
Total:  220 points 

Greatest Individual Increases:

Tokyo: Math: 180 points  Critical Reading: 150 points  Writing: 380 points 
Total: 450 points

Singapore: Math: 100 points  Critical Reading: 100 points  Writing: 230 points 
Total: 260 points  

Porto Alegre: Math: 100 points  Critical Reading: 70 points  Writing: 230 points  Total: 340 points  

Students raved about the class:

Students raved about the class: the following quotations are taken from evaluations

“The greatest thing about our SAT Math class was that there were always laughter and fun, along with tough problems at all times.” 

“It was much more effective than other SAT Math courses I’ve taken in the past.”

“The teacher was good. He was very helpful and kind that it was easy for even shy people like me to ask questions.”

“The instructor is really patient and knows very well how and what to teach.” 

“Teachers performance was outstanding, giving clear and descriptive answers to any questions asked, without having a single doubt. His teaching ability is also efficient and his as the methods he taught to us all were easy to understand and to apply to the problems.”

“Thank you for the wonderful time and opportunity this course provided me with. It approached us students even more, and improved my general knowledge in a way I never thought possible. I even feel more mature.”

“I would absolutely recommend this class.”

“I didn’t have so high expectations, really, and when we started working on these subjects and learning the tips, I saw the results right away.”

“Mr. Bossart is possibly one of the best teachers I’ve had. He was very communicative and makes sure you understand everything. Also, he works around your weaknesses AND your strengths, to improve both (which was great!)”.

The SAT classes we offer:

Boot Camp – This week-long intensive program, available to students who are on break, meets from 9 – 6, Monday through Friday. There are also two full-length tests administered, on the Saturdays before and after the week of class. Enrollment is limited to ten students, ensuring that each receives plenty of individual attention. On weekdays students get an hour for lunch and a couple of shorter breaks in the afternoon to refresh. The course is comprehensive, yet individualized: students discuss important concepts in small groups, but everyone also works on his or her personal challenges and even receives one-on-one tutoring during the week. This Boot Camp is an extremely effective way for students to raise their scores in a short period of time. The fee for this course is $2000 (USD), which includes all of the materials and the detailed analysis of two full-length tests and three essays.

Two-Week Course – We have a developed two-week class to accommodate students who are preparing for the SAT during the school year. Classes start shortly after the school day ends and last three hours, leaving time for homework and other responsibilities. The curriculum is the same as for the Boot Camp – students learn about every part of the SAT, both in small groups and one-on-one. The fee for this course is $2000 (USD), which includes all of the materials and the detailed analysis of two full-length tests and three essays.

The Materials We Use:
In addition to the two books written by David Bossart and the set of note cards we produced, we provide students with the College Board book (for practice tests) and a vocabulary book. Together, this is everything students need.

Additional Support:
The class’ instructor is available to students for questions by email and Skype from the time the course finishes until the actual SAT (and beyond, if there should be any).

To enroll in one of these classes, please email David Bossart at learn@aristotleassociates.com
There are only ten spaces available per class, so it would be best not to wait.
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