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Aristotle Associates offers the very best services at affordable prices.  This is one case where you don’t get what you pay for—you get much more. Families are not committed to any minimum number of appointments and students meet their tutors at home; we offer this degree of flexibility and convenience because we understand how complicated everyone's schedule has become.

Academic Tutoring and Detailed Writing Analysis: $90 per hour
Academic Tutoring is to support any classes that a student may take, at any level. 

Standardized Test Preparation: $105 per hour
This is tutoring for any standardized test, from the HSPT to the SAT. 

Tutoring with David Bossart: $120 per hour
All of our tutors are experienced, well trained, and excellent; if you want to work with our founder and director, though, it costs a little more. 

College Essay Support: $105 per hour
We assist students with choosing the topics for their essays, refining and outlining their ideas, and writing and revising drafts. After meeting in person, drafts can be exchanged by email, which is cost-effective and very convenient..

There is an additional travel fee for families who live outside of San Francisco and Daly City. The fee is equal to either 30 minutes or 15 minutes of time, at the same rate as the tutoring, depending on whether or not the tutor sees other students in the same area.

Also, there is a 3% credit card processing fee that is required. All clients must submit payment by credit card, and the associated fee of 3% is paid by clients in addition to the fees listed above.
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