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March 20, 2006
To Whom It May Concern:
I am happy to privde my strong recommendation for David Bassart as an outstanding tutor and academic coach. I’ve known David since November 2004, when he started working with our son during his freshman year at St. Ignatius to high school, and David was introduced to us by friends who utilized David’s services or their daughter during, her high school years. David has worked with our son ever since, and has helped him immensely with his academic confidence and performance.
David helps our son with specific subject matter – primarily in math, science and Spanish. David is extremely knowledgeable in all of these subjects, and has the ability to break-down complex ideas and problems in a way that makes them accessible and understandable to our son.
David has also been very helpful in improving our son’s organizational and time management skills. David stresses the importance of our son accepting responsibility for his own academic success, and encourages hum to take the initiative to communicate and meet with his teachers to be sure he’s on top of upcoming exams, assignments and projects. David also communicates very well with us to be sure we are  aware of our son’s progress, and to help us reinforce any key areas of focus with our son.
On a personal level, David is very friendly and approachable, and has succeeded in building a strong working relationship with our son. When we first suggested the idea of involving a tutor, our son strongly resisted the idea. Now, our son looks forward to his sessions with David and utilizes him as an integral part of his learning process.
The bottom line is that David has greatly improved our son’s academic confidence, which has translated directly into significantly improved grades, and – more importantly – a happier kid. We look forward to David’s continued involvement with our son through the balance of his high school career, and recommend him highly to anyone considering his services.
Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions.
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Craig Viehweg


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