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November 20, 2008

To Whom it May Concern:
With this letter I am pleased to recommend the tutoring services of David Bossart and his Aristotle Associates Company. My daughter Catie began using David’s services in the Spring semester of her Junior year at Marin Academy.

Her PSAT’s had been strong, but her math scores were always lower than she thought she could do. She was in genera a strong test taker as well as a strong student. But those math scores were pesky! Therefore a “cookie cutter” SAT review course was not what Catie needed. She needed tutoring tailored to her specific needs (and weaknesses) at times and places convenient to her.

David was referred by a student a Hotchkiss – and the recommendation could not have been better. David immediately met with Catie to assess her strengths and weaknesses, and then had sessions with her at her school or at home, as was most convenient to her. He provided her samples to strengthen her in the areas that she needed. And he did so in a very congenial, low key and supportive approach. No nonsense, no mystery, no angst, just showing her the work she needed to do to accomplish her goals. He was articulate and kind in getting the information across that Catie needed.

After a few short months of tutoring, Catie raised her score significantly. So much in fact that she only took the SAT once – her scores were that high. This freed her up in her Senior year to apply to college and not have the additional pressure of prepping again for the SAT. However, if Catie had wanted to retake the SAT, her choice would have been to work again with David to boost her math scores even more.

David also offered very useful essay writing workshops for college applications. Although Catie did not feel she needed this support, she was glad to know this resource was available to her.

High School unfortunately has become a stressful time for our kids. Working with David and Aristotle Associates took a lot of the stress out for Catie – and for me. Catie worked seamlessly directly with David to set up her “homework”, her sessions and everything else. This made the process less stressful for Mom, as well!

I am happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please feel free to contact me.

Anne Hiaring Hocking, Esq.


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