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With our academic tutoring services, a student can get assistance in any class he or she takes, whether it’s offered at the regular, honors, or AP level.
We offer support for all of the following classes:

Pre-Algebra, Algebra I/II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Functions, Pre-calculus, Calculus (AB, BC, Multivariable), and Statistics.

Sciences: Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology,

English Composition


Foreign Languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Latin, Chinese (Mandarin), and Japanese.

Our approach:


First, we assess what is giving the student problems in a particular class by examining tests and homework, discussing the class, and getting to know the individual. Then, for each challenging topic, we ask questions, listen, and provide clues or complete explanations as needed, so that the student comes to a genuine understanding that he or she can demonstrate back to us. Depending on the particular issue, this can be a complicated and enduring process, as often the misconceptions stem from topics that were presented weeks, months, or even years prior.  By tracking the necessary steps and notating them, tutors teach students to create roadmaps to the understanding they achieve so that it is readily accessible in the future. Students are relieved to see that there are reasons that they “didn’t get it,” and as the list of confusing topics grows shorter, a student’s confidence grows.

While good tutoring begins with clearing up misconceptions, it must also lead students to a better understanding of the whole educational process. Reading carefully, for instance, helps students absorb concepts the first time through. Capturing that understanding in the form of accessible study materials saves time later, when it’s time to prepare for a quiz or test. And reviewing graded work helps students see what they could have done better, which hopefully takes them back to assessing their method of studying. These steps are just examples, and while they may seem obvious, many students neglect them because they are primarily concerned with finishing their assignments – either because they want to relax, they don’t feel engaged by the material, or they don’t understand how much they will benefit by doing more than the minimum required. We teach our students to see their academic responsibility across all of its interconnected stages, so that they can realistically assess the effort they put in and the degree of success they enjoy. For without that perspective, students will feel like their grades are a foregone conclusion – that they are powerless to change them because they are “doing the best they can.”

Our tutors:
Our tutors set us apart from other companies. They teach exclusively within their individual expertise, meaning we never send an English expert to tutor Geometry, and vice versa. Our tutors are extremely comfortable with the subject(s) they support so they don’t shy away from difficult questions or high-achieving students, and they have plenty of patience for students who need to ask more questions. Our tutors have all attended top universities, and most of them hold Masters or PhDs. Furthermore, our tutors are hired as employees so that we can train them to follow the guidelines and models that have proven successful over time. Whether you read our testimonials or simply talk with a family who has hired us, you can see that our reputation is stellar, and the quality of the young professionals who work directly with students is the reason why.

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